Special Offers

We offer special incentives to repeat customers. At Lightworks Healing & Massage we offer free consultation and development of custom tailored therapeutic programs. While one massage or treatment may help, often the core problems need additional attention to allow your body to improve. We love to see our customers through a benificial health improvement process, that is why we offer such deep discounts for our custom massage and healing services. 

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.
Preferred Client Rates

Monthly (3-6 weeks )

  •  $50 for 60 minute Relaxation

  •  $80 for 90 minute Therapeutic 


Weekly Rates (1-2 weeks)

  • $40 for 60 minute Relaxation

  • $70 for 90 minute Therapeutic

Jumpstart Special Month of Massage

- $150 / package - Only $37.50 per massage!

  • Four 45 minute sessions within 30 days

  • One per week  

  • Offered at this special rate so you are able to experience the health and vitality that regular massages can add to your life. 

Once first massage is scheduled, you must keep within the 30 day limit or forefit any remaining massages. Payment due on or before first session. Any non-scheduled appointments within the 30 days will revert to Preferred Client pricing (see above).  Packages, once purchased must be used within one year of purchase date. Initial appointment begins the 30 day starting point.


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